Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Abstract Art Sweater

My daughter is learning how to knit. She made this sweater. 
      I finished the collar and button bands for her. (Yarn is Sirdar big
      softie super chunky.)I made this design on the sweater. It starts 
      on the back, goes onto the sleeve and to the front, all connected
       with yarn chains.The little design is also added on the inside of 
the collar coming onto the button hole band.


Side and sleeve


Pattern below.
I am not too familiar with knitting terms and/or crochet terms.
I make sweaters without patterns.
I am trying to write this pattern for three wonderful  ladies who requested this pattern.
I hope my instructions will make sense. Any help in making corrections  by expert knitters will be appreciated,
If you have any questions, I will try to explain further with photos.

Yarn Sirdar big softie super chunky.
This idea comes from top-down knit pattern.
For different sizes you can adjust the stitches, add more or less.
This sweater is medium size. At the waist it is small /medium. We decreased some stitches on the waist.
If you have slightly different number of stitches for this same size, it is possible my daughter forgot the increase somewhere. She is learning. This was her first attempt.
(I made the top-down sweater with thinner yarn so I had different number of stitches.) I had 80 around the neckline.

To start
I crochet a chain ( loose ) with different color yarn same chunky  kind (which I cut out after finishing the sweater) to pick up those stitches to make the collar
Crochet 46 chains.
Mark the center of the chain. From that center count 16 chains or stitches on each side. You have 32 stitches. Pick them on a knitting needle. Attach the yarn you have for the sweater to the chain on the needle. You still have  crocheted chain hanging (extra stitches) on both sides.

Knit 1, add marker, knit 1 add another marker, knit 7 add a marker, knit 1 add a marker, knit 12 add a marker, knit 1 add a marker, knit 7 add a marker , knit 1 add a marker.
7 crocheted chains are left on both sides, but don’t pick them onto the knitting needles yet. These seven chains (each side) will be picked onto the knitting needles on every knit row one at a time on both sides.
Purl the next row and keep moving the markers in their place onto the other needle.
On each knit row increase 1 stitch before every marker. No increase should be done on purl rows. On purl rows just move the markers as you go onto the other needle.

Every row, pick up one stitch from the different color hanging chain too on both sides to form the front neckline. This increase on the ends should be kept very loose so the neckline rounds well otherwise it gets pulled like a V shape.
Keep knitting until you have picked up the 7 stitches on each side from the crocheted chain and at the same time you have been increasing one stitch before every marker on knit rows only..
All neckline stitches are picked from the crocheted chain . Now knit back and forth making increases for raglan sleeves.
If you are an expert in knitting you can cast on 8 stitches on both sides for button bands. (We did them separately.)

From this point we slip the first stitch onto the other needle without knitting it so fronts don’t hang stretched  hanging lower than the back. I purl the last stitch but not knit the first stitch on every row.
On our sweater we did 38 rows to reach the underarm .That is size small/medium.
You can run yarn through the stitches to try it on.
This site has good instructions with pictures and explains better than I do.
This site does not have a crocheted chain. We make it so we don’t forget the increase on front neckline. Without chain the counting can become confusing because of  increased stitches before the markers for raglan shape  also keep adding up.

When you have the right comfortable underarm length , you separate the fronts, sleeves and the back by running yarn through.
We are not expert on using circular needles so we use 3 needles in the yoke part. If you like circular, you have to go back and forth for the open front.
Knit the fronts separately, and the back to your desired length.
We did 19 rows on the fronts and back. Ribbing was 20 rows. 2 knit, 2 purl.
Bind off. We did 3 rows on each sleeve after separating without decreasing. There were 46 stitches and on the 4th row, we reduced 11 stitches by (knit 2, knit 2 together.) repeat for the whole row. On the fifth row randomly in the middle of row we reduced 5 stitches again by knitting two together. Now we had 30 stitches.
This reducing turns the sleeve into size small on the arm. If you want bigger, do not decrease.

Ribbing on sleeves is 20 rows.  Knit 2 purl 2. Bind off.
If you choose to make separate button bands, make them and sew them onto the edges at this stage.
Cast on 8 stitches for button bands for each side. Knit 2, purl 2.  Make button holes on one.
Cut out the crochet chain and take that yarn out. To pick up the stitches for collar, leave first 4 stitches from the button hole or button band, pick all the stitches of the neckline, sleeves, and back together with 4 stitches from button bands.
I had almost 55 stitches of this neckline all around. 
I picked two stitches from each, once through the loop of the stitch, then under the whole stitch,
To get 106.
 I did not multiply first two stitches on the button bands and two on each side in the middle of top of sleeve stitches which were 7 on each side. 
Collar has 18 rows of ribbing.  Knit 2, purl 2.
Bind off. Sew the sides now or sew after adding the design.                                                                                          
The design on the sweater is knitted, crocheted and embroidered. 

Chain 4.  work 2 dc sts in the first chain.  Chain 4, sl st in same sc st (the first one.) You have one petal.
 Now chain 2 and dc twice in the 2nd chain, the chain closer to the hook, chain 4, sl st in same sc st .
You have two petals. Keep making the same way until you have six or seven petals.  Sl st to join them.

Second flower to sew in the center of the first one.
1.  Chain 4 and join with slip stitch to form a ring.
2.  Chain 1, work 6 or 7 single crochets around ring, join with slip stitch . Your flower petals will be bigger than this picture.
I made bullion stitch around this crochet circle piece with light blue yarn.
I made two bullion stitches in the center of flower too.

To knit a leaf, cast on 3 sts.
 Purl all three
 K ,1  , increase  one by picking the yarn between first and second stitch. K 1, increase again by picking yarn between the stitches, K1.
Now you have 5 sts.
Purl the next row. No increase or decrease on purl rows.
K 2, increase 1, K 1, increase 1, K2. Now you have 7 sts.
Purl the next row
K3, inc 1, K 1 , inc 1, K 3.
Purl next row.
start knitting 2 together at the ends of knit rows only.
You have 3 stitches left on needle. Knit them together and bind off. When you sew the leaf onto the sweater, tuck the yarn hanging on both ends under the leaf..
You can make smaller leaves the same way.  3 rows for increase and 3 reducing rows.
I also crocheted some leaves that are hanging on the chains.
Chain different lengths to hang these below the ribbing , some to sew onto the sweater too and do a leaf at the end.
Dc into the 4th chain from your hook. Do not pull through the stitch on hook. You have two sts on hook. Dc again and do not pull through the previous sts. you have three sts on the hook.. Dc again and pull through all stitches. Bind off by pulling through the stitch again. Weave the extra yarn through the pointed leaf.
You can also make a circle of 4 chains. Dc 9 times through this circle and you have the shape of a cup. Pull crocheted chain through this flower and sew it in.   

You will get the idea from this site above.  Make double crochet only, not triple.
 Some leaves can be made with yarn needle in lazy daisy stitch right onto the sweater. Fill them with 2 lazy daisy stitches and a straight stitch in the center.

All images and works are copyright © 2012 - 2013 by Shana and may not be used without permission.